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Konica Hystory

Sampled by Urs Brunner from different sources to give an overall picture about the Konica hystory


1860 Rokuemon Sugiura VI imports medicines and chemicals

Rokuemon Sugiura VI  founded Konishi Honten in 1876 . Produces photographic and lithographic materials .

In the 1880's became agent for Kodak and doing bussines with Ilford Ltd .

[picture of Rokuemon Sugiura VI with George Eastman in 1921 ]

1882 the first cameras where produced

1902 Konishiroku produce the first sensitized products in Japan

1903 Konishiroku produce the Cherry camera

1911 Konishiroku produce the model Minimum Idea and Pearl

1922 the first commercial camers where produced by Konica

1925 Konica produce the Pearlette , Japan's first mass produced camera

1926 Konica produce the Neat Reflex (Graflex style)

1931 first Konica lense , Hexar 105/4.5

1946 Konica I rangefinder camera

1950 Konica I with 50/2.8 Hexanon lense

1951 Konica II

1952 Konica produce the Koniflex ( Rolleiflex style)

1956 Konica IIA with 48/2 lense

1956 Konica III

1958 Konica IIIA with 50/1,8 or 48/2

1959 Konica IIIM with 50/1.8

1952 the first Japanese cameras where exported to US by Konica through regular photo dealers

1960 Konica F ( first with 1/2000 ? , first with metal blade shutter )

1961 to 1964 Konica FS

1962 Konica FSW ( a FS with date recording base on a little watch )

1963 Konica EE Matic ( automatic flash system )

1963 Konica FP

1964 automatic exposure in a rangefinder model

1965 Koni Omega Rapid ( press camera )

1965 Konica FM

1965 (December) the Auto-Reflex SLR with automatic exposure . Build in but external exposure metering. AUTOREX was the name within Japan AUTO REFLEX of AUTO-REFLEX the export name .

1968 (FTA March) Konica T and A where introduced with TTL metering

1970 Konica T(2)

1971 Improved Konica A

1971 Lenses with EE or AE , locking button

1972 Konica A 1000

1973 Konica T3

1975 Konica N-T3

1976 Konica TC

1977 Konica C35 AF , first rangefinder camera with auto focus

1978 Konica T4

1978 Konica FS-1 , first SLR with integrated motor drive