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On my home page I like to collect all information about Konica SLR cameras .

I'm a Konica collector and like to be contacted by others .

Please contribute your information and corrections to complete the content of this web .

Last Updates ( 17.2.2004 )

Konica T, T(2) Classification.

Konica Auto-Reflex Manual (updated 11.5.2003)

Konica System Overview (updated 11.5.2003)

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Historic Konica Add's (updated 23.2.2003)

Konica SLR Manuals (updated 8.3.2003)

CAMERA Magazine Collection (update 11.5.2003)

Konica System Overview

Old Rangefinder Cameras

Auto-Reflex - Pictures of Variations

A picture (advertisement) of the FSW - take from this link

Other non Konica SLR interest ( under development )

Canonflex SLR

Japanes SLR until 1970

CAMERA Magazine Collection